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Asylum Seekers Injured In Incident At Png Centre: Australia

An unspecified number of detainees were injured, some seriously, Immigration Minister front page Scott Morrison said in a statement. "The extent and nature of the subsequent events and perimeter breaches is still being verified," he said. Manus Island in impoverished Papua New Guinea hosts a detention center for would-be refugees sent there after trying to get to Australia, often in unsafe boats after paying people smugglers in Indonesia. The incident followed an attempted breakout on Sunday night, when 35 asylum seekers briefly escaped, 19 were injured and eight arrested. Morrison said security guards were in control of the center, which had not been damaged, and island police had caught detainees who had escaped during the incident. There were no immediate details on the exact number of asylum seekers involved or the injuries and fitness a spokesman for Morrison was not available for comment. Canberra's tough stance on asylum seekers, including offshore processing and a blanket ban on people arriving by boat ever settling in Australia, has been criticized read here by the United Nations and other groups as illegal and inhumane.

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Florida Jumps To No. 2 In Ap Poll

1 in the AP college basketball poll, but it is no longer a unanimous choice. The Orange (25-0), who won two games in the final seconds last week, are on top for a third straight week but they received 64 first-place votes Monday from the 65-member national media panel. They were a unanimous choice the last see here two weeks. Florida (23-2), which won at Kentucky on Saturday, moved from third to second and received the other first-place vote. Wichita State (27-0), the only other unbeaten Division I team, moved from fourth to third while Arizona, which lost to Arizona State last week, dropped from second to fourth. Duke moved from eighth to fifth and was followed by San Diego State, Cincinnati, visit this page Kansas, Villanova and Saint Louis. UCLA, at No. 23, and Gonzaga, at No.

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Eminem: His Life And Times, Letter By Letter

Matt Damon was chosen instead. B is for Bruce, Eminem's middle name. His full name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. C is for Cleanin' Out My Closet, his vitriolic 2004 single that slammed both of his parents. He later apologised to his mother for the abuse on last year's song Headlights. Dr. Dre. D is for Dr Dre, the Aftermath label boss who first signed Eminem in 1998 and helped produce The Slim Shady LP.
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Move Is On To Light Up The Braga Bridge

(AP) A move is on to light up the Braga Bridge. State Rep. Carole Fiola says the bridge that carries Interstate 195 over the Taunton River connecting Fall River and Somerset should be a beacon for the region, much as the decorative lighting on the Zakim Bridge in Boston makes it a beacon for the city. investing The Fall River Democrat tells The Herald News ( ) a decoratively lit Braga Bridge would draw more attention to the region for the positives, especially because the negatives tend to grab attention. Included in the House version of the $12 billion transportation bond bill unanimously approved Wednesday is $500,000 for the planning, visit site design and permitting of the lights. At more than a mile long, the Braga Bridge is one of the longest in the state.

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How To Breathe During Exercise

Breathing Basics In our daily lives, breathing comes naturally and doesn't require any thought. We need oxygen, so we inhale, and we need to rid our bodies of carbon dioxide, so we exhale. However, few people use their lungs to their full capacity. It has been reported that at rest, people use just 10%-15% of their actual lung capacity, usually a result of quick, shallow breaths that make the chest rise and fall. When you exercise, however, your working muscles demand greater amounts of oxygen and you create more carbon dioxide waste as a result. This results in an automatic increase in your respiration rate. But exercisersespecially new onesshouldn't take this process for granted. Becoming more aware of your breath can help you feel more comfortable (breathing too slowly can increase your heart rate and affect your perceived intensity), prevent complications (like dizziness or faintness that can result from a lack of oxygen), and get more out of your workouts. Here's what you need to know to breathe properly during five common types of exercise.
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